Private Elementary (K-5)

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Private Elementary (K-5)

Age Range:
5 - 11 years
Areas of Learning:




For a very select group of advanced students we offer the Canterbury Elementary program. Using formal published curricula, we continue your child’s accelerated learning. Our grade school program moves away from Montessori concepts which were so ideal for early learning, and adopts a “no progression without mastery” policy. Materials are presented to each student in a sequential fashion. Mastery of the current concept must be demonstrated before additional materials can be explored. This approach accomplishes two important goals; first, critical foundation skills cannot be skipped or abandoned before a child has learned them, and second, each child may move forward whenever he is ready- no waiting for the rest of the class if one student is ready.

This is a challenging program to implement, so our teachers are especially talented, and we keep these class sizes small to ensure that the program is effective. Quarterly “real grade” report cards and parent conferences will keep you in the loop, and classroom events are always open to parents.

For the 2020 – 2021 school year, we will be offering additional classes for structured small group education in a multi-age setting. New classes will be for grades K-2 and grades 3-5 as separate groupings.