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Age Range:
2 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Social Skills

Baby Signs®

Developing Creative Potential

Babies are very special citizens at Canterbury schools. We focus on the delicate balance between home and school by working closely and individually with each family. Whether this is your first baby or your tenth, we are here for whatever support is needed; feeding and sleeping, general health and development, babysitters and grandparents, and all of the important adjustments for each family member during that busy first year.

In our infant classrooms we employ infant specialists who are CPR certified, and have hours of training in sleep safety. Our cribs are all fully visible to staff at all times, so that babies are 100% supervised, even when asleep. Each crib is also outfitted with an apnea monitor to ensure that respirations are directly observed for each baby. Academically, our babies focus on lots of motor and social skills, especially tummy time daily. Older babies start practicing group play even before moving to our toddler program.