Our Programs

Exceptional childcare and early educational programs for children 6 weeks - 12 years old.

Canterbury Schools has developed age-specific programs to aid the developing minds, bodies, and emotions of growing children, from 6-week-old infants to 12-year-old pre-teens. We back our programs with over 20 years of research to create early educational programs that integrate education, fun, and safety.

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2 weeks - 1 year

In our infant classrooms, we employ infant specialists who are CPR certified and have hours of training in sleep safety. Academically, our babies focus on lots of motor and social skills, especially tummy time. Older babies start practicing group play even before moving to our toddler program.

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1 - 2 years

Toddlers are fun! We start circle time and the beginnings of our Montessori program at this age. While naptime, recess and potty training are daily activities, we are also learning about colors, shapes, matching, and comparing

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3 - 4 years

Our Montessori approach will amaze you as your child masters the art of learning to learn.

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4 - 5 years

This is another academic gear for your child that can only be found at Canterbury. This program begins to gently minimize naptime, focuses on handwriting, and explores advanced academic concepts. You will be amazed by what can be accomplished during this special year.

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Kindergarten Club

4 - 5 years

Kindergarten Club is designed to help our students become more comfortable with the transition into kindergarten, fine tune the skills necessary to enter elementary school, and celebrate this special milestone.

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Private Elementary (K-3)

5 - 9 years

Our grade school program moves away from Montessori concepts which were so ideal for early learning, and adopts a “no progression without mastery” policy. Materials are presented to each student in a sequential fashion. Mastery of the current concept must be demonstrated before additional materials can be explored.

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Before & After Care

5 - 12 years

Students work on extended learning projects, test preparation, college essay writing, advanced coursework, and even job skills in our after school focused program.