Parent Reviews

Parent Reviews

We love to hear from our parents!

We love to hear from our parents! We encourage you to read the Parent Reviews for Canterbury Schools below. We are also happy to connect you with one of our current parents via e-mail or phone so you can get their feedback on what we believe is the top preschool around!

My daughter has been attending Canterbury for 14 months and my son now attends as well. I have loved this school from the very beginning! My daughter is always so excited to go to school and tells me all about get day when we get home. I love that she is actually learning things and enjoys it! They are definitely preparing her for kindergarten! Her teacher is the sweetest woman and obviously loves her job. The entire staff is incredible! We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, I can’t wait to see my son grow up here

Desire 5 stars - Excellent

I am so proud of this school for having my kids here! The teachers are great and loving. Mr. Dan is a professional director with good listening and communication skills. Miss Susan is one of the most awesome teachers in the building with much love, care and professional approach. We love Miss Hanna too! We recommend this school as the best childcare center in the city!

Julie 5 stars - Excellent

Canterbury has been an amazing experience for my twin 19 month olds! They look forward to coming to school every day and truly adore all the teachers they interact with. They come home every week saying new words, proudly showing their weekly art projects, and applying curriculum they have learned to everyday life. I would highly recommend Canterbury and look forward to watching our kiddos grow with them over the next few years!

Ashley S. 5 stars - Excellent

My daughter has been to so many day cares, but we never got what we wanted for her because the teachers were so mean, aggressive, and so negative about her character! But when we joined Canterbury everything changed and she has learned so much. Her interest to go to school shot to high because the teachers are so caring, loving, and welcoming. The director is good at communicating and addressing our concerns. Her teacher Ms Susan has helped her gain self-esteem and confidence that we started to notice at home. We will miss her parenting skills and professionalism she has used to groom our daughter. We recommend this school for any parent who has been disappointed with other child cares and is looking for the best care.

Ken 5 stars - Excellent

I can not thank this school enough! The teachers and the director are so caring and great with children. Every morning I drop off my two girls, there are teachers to say good morning and have a great day!! It always blesses my heart and feel comfortable leaving my kids in a loving and safe place! My first daughter surprised her kindergarten teachers when we visited because she was way more ready to go. We are so grateful to Ms Susan for passionately loving her job and teaching our daughter. Would recommend this school 100%.

Larisa 5 stars - Excellent

Great school with great teachers! so loving and caring!! my children loved Miss Susan so much!! she is so passionate about her job!

Ketie 5 stars - Excellent

What a blessing it is to have our daughter here! We feel as though the leadership team, teachers and staff are always willing to listen, love and treat our child as though she is the most important one there! I would highly recommend this school and location to anyone who wants their child to be taken care of, loved and in the BEST care!

Kristen A. 5 stars - Excellent

I am actually not a parent at this school! I happen to work as an assistant to a photographer! Our Company was booked to take pics of their awesome kiddos for three days, April 17-19, 2017! We shoot pictures everyday at different schools! This school is by far the best I have ever witnessed! From the Director to the kitchen staff we’re amazing! They truly care about the children and treat them as their own! Emily and Michelle were absolutely amazing to work with! I wish I could name everyone who works there! However, it’s not easy remembering everyone’s names! If you are a parent whose child attends this awesome school, you should be proud!

Kelly C. 5 stars - Excellent

Our oldest son began Canterbury at five months. He is now three and a half and attends Canterbury five days a week. He has made great friends and we are constantly thrilled and impressed by all that he is learning at school. As working parents, we only have a few hours at night with the kids and knowing that both our three year old and one year old receive balanced curriculum and structure in a nurturing setting throughout the day allows us to enjoy free time and play at night before bed. We recommend Canterbury with the highest regard!

We were blessed the day we first walked into Canterbury. The friendly staff immediately made us feel like family. Three years later, we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old enrolled. The other families and kids have been so fun to be around. Trusting someone else with your most precious little people is hard but there is not any place or anyone we would rather trust our kids with than the awesome administration and loving staff of Canterbury.

We feel very fortunate to have had Canterbury schools educate our daughter. She has grown into an intelligent, caring, and considerate individual due in no small part to the influence of Canterbury. The curriculum in the classroom provides the structure and stimulation our daughter needs to thrive, while also allowing time for free play to discover new skills and solve problems independently. Our daughter is challenged at Canterbury to move beyond her current abilities and learn at the next level, creating pride and self-value. The creativity in each Canterbury classroom inspires our daughter to explore art, music and her vast imagination outside of school. The compassion by her teachers creates a secure environment where she can build confidence in her behavior and know the opportunity exists to learn from her mistakes. The enthusiasm of the teachers is contagious. The lines of communication are always open. Information about lessons, evaluations, behavior, illnesses, and boo-boos are consistently provided in a responsible and respectful manner. The director’s door is always open. We truly could not be happier with Canterbury schools and their partnership with us to care for our daughter.

When I first walked into Canterbury, I instantly like the atmosphere. It is a clean and sunny facility. The playgrounds are safe and spacious with nicely-sized “bike paths.” My son turned into a tricycle-pedaling machine from the extra practice he has on his favorite “blue bike.” We love the FitKids program. My son has learned so much about his favorite sports- basketball, football, soccer, baseball. [He comes home asking about who is on offense and who is on defense! He insists we need a pitcher, catcher and an umpire when we play baseball in the driveway.]I like that he gets extra exercise and has a ton of fun. Thursdays (FitKids day) is his favorite day of the week. . . He asked if he could invite Coach Albert to his birthday party! Peace of mind is so important, and the director sets the tone. Her calm confidence, easy attitude, steady leadership and experience make all the difference. Canterbury’s online system and webcam in the infant room is AWESOME. Being able to check in on my baby’s day, including her bottle and diaper schedule, and sneak a peek at her from my computer was a huge benefit. This was so very helpful as I transitioned back to work after my maternity leave. Canterbury’s holiday schedule and no-snow day policy underscore the accommodating nature of the staff. When practicing the ABC’s at home with my 3 year-old, I ask him to point to his letters. If he needs a hint, I use his Canterbury classmates’ names. He always knows that E is for Emerson and Z is for Zach! The Briarcliff location is ideal.

Right before our daughter turned one, we had the nerve wracking job of finding a new daycare for her because the one she was at decided to close. We started to look at daycare facilities by our home. We knew of two nearby; a close friend told us about a third one – Canterbury Academy. It was the last one that we visited, and as soon as we walked into the building, I felt calm. I don’t think that we even had an appointment that day, but the director was more than happy to give us a tour. Ever since, we have never looked back, questioned or regretted our choice in Canterbury for our child. From the director, to the teachers, each has shown their dedication and compassion through their care, teachings, and daily interactions. After three years, our daughter continues to surprise and amaze us almost every day with her knowledge and skills that she has learned. There are times that she is teaching us! She is in the pre-k class, which will be her last year at Canterbury. There are not enough words to describe her fabulous teachers! Their continued commitment to educating and challenging our child gives us, as parents, the confidence that she will succeed and be ready for “life after Canterbury”. Thank you, Canterbury Academy, for caring and loving our child as much as we do!

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