Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum & Signature Programs

Kind Child Culture

We believe that children learn to be kind, treat others well, and respectful, giving and thoughtful when they experience these traits firsthand. For that reason, Kind Child is truly a culture in the entire school and not a curriculum that we teach. Our teachers are actually catalysts of the Kind Child culture. We firmly believe that kindness is contagious and it begins with a well-trained staff who exemplifies these traits.

Baby Signs®

Our Baby Signs® program helps children develop both language and cognitive skills. Studies show that babies who sign actually develop speech sooner and have larger vocabularies when they start talking. Signs for words such as “please,” “thank you,” “more,” and “finished” are reinforced during lunchtime and daily communication.

Kindergarten Club (January to September)

Child in their last year of preschool are prepared for Kindergarten with this additional readiness program that focuses on social skills and academics. Homework is given on Fridays and usually centers on family activities to complete over the weekend. Children get special t-shirts and badges and there is a graduation ceremony to celebrate this transition!

Ascend Curriculum

This core program offers preschoolers (up to Pre-K) blends curiosity, creativity and reflection through the eyes of children who are forever learning and changing. Components of the Ascend Curriculum include:

  • Handwriting without Tears® – Children are taught how to hold a pencil, the basics of letterforms, the blending of sounds, and how to write their name.
  • Literacy – This program goes hand-in-hand with block handwriting. It focuses on recognizing and understanding sounds, developing speech, reading books, and answering open-ended questions.
  • Math – Children work on basic counting, addition and subtraction, handwriting of numbers, and learning the value of money.
  • Pre-K Plus – Designed as an enhancement to our Kaleidoscope Curriculum, this program promotes active participation in distinctive programs such as BOB Reader Books®, hands-on science discovery, and Lego® Smart Engineering.
  • Technology – Each class incorporates time spent learning in our specially equipped technology room where students use Kindles.