Assessment Program

Canterbury Schools are first and foremost academic institutions. As such, we are data-driven and focused on continuously verifying that our methods are producing the desired results. For our parents, this philosophy of rigorously assessing our program and our students offers a unique opportunity to track and measure your child’s individual progress.

In 1997, we began using the CPAT® assessment tool to study what each child was learning; at each age, in every classroom, and with each teacher. This test is administered by selected, trained staff, and examines over 100 points of intelligence, development and learning. The areas assessed include cognitive development; math skills; oral, written and auditory language skills; fine and gross motor skills; social development; self-care skills; handwriting; and general behavior. During the last 17 years we have amassed an exhaustive database of preschool learning trends. By conducting these assessments periodically with our preschoolers (ages 2½ and up) we can compare today’s preschoolers’ scores not only to each other, but also to the scores of our earliest preschoolers, many of whom are now succeeding in college. We slice and dice this data continuously to highlight successful teaching strategies, identify our most effective teachers, and adjust our program for every students’ individually measured needs. There is no other program which studies harder or cares more about the real impact of our preschoolers’ education.

For our very special Pre-K students we take it up another level. Our Pre-k assessment further examines your child’s developing literary knowledge, math skills like addition, subtraction, and number values, and extended phonics skills. Because our students are so well-prepared, this assessment will review concepts as far ahead as a typical second-grader would be expected to perform.

CPAT® results and analysis are presented to parents of our preschoolers each year, and because it is a longitudinal test, parents will enjoy seeing these scores increase annually, while still receiving age-appropriate comparative analysis. The Pre-k assessment program is ongoing throughout the school year with anonymous status charts in each pre-k classroom to track progress.

Canterbury students may also be asked periodically to participate in academic research programs. Typically these are PhD thesis studies conducted by local graduate students. Participation is always voluntary, and often involves compensation to families and a review of any findings. We are an academic program at ALL levels!