Tips for Traveling with Children

Tips for Traveling with Children

My family loves to take road trips. We drive annually to Delaware and North Carolina. I’m hoping to pass on some tips and ideas that we have learned through trial and error while traveling with our son during the past four years.  I want you to be able to not only; deal with a long trip with little ones but help you make the most of your time together in the car.

If your schedule allows, you may want to get creative with what time you leave. On our trips to Delaware, we tend to try to leave around 3 A.M. We pack the car fully the night before and just get in still in our jammies and go. This allowed our son to sleep through the majority of our 8 hour trip.

Having easy to eat and accessible snacks is also helpful. I like to choose snacks that are easy to open and close just in case it is not finished in one sitting.

Easy to eat accessible snacks

 Playing family games that are not distracting to the driver are fun, can be educational, and are a great way to pass time.  For young preschoolers try taking turns naming objects under a certain category without any repeats (farm animals, things at the park…).  For Pre-K/Kindergarten children chose a category and try to name things according to the alphabet (Girls names starting with A then B then C…). To challenge school age children try naming the states alphabetically or matching states to capitals.

These washable window markers are perfect for the artist in the vehicle.   He/she can create designs on the windows and then easily wash it off to create a new one.


 Coloring on car windows with washable window markers

The NGCC Traveling with Children Pinterest board has even more great ideas and tips for traveling with children!

Safe Travels!
Sheila G

Senior Program Manager~ Westford

Mother of 1 (4)

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