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Our primary objective at the Canterbury Schools is to provide the most enriching environment to facilitate a child’s development. We believe that every child has the ability to learn and to teach, and that a child who enjoys learning will always seek challenges in life.

Our program is based upon the Montessori principles of self-direction, and experiential education. We promote a thoughtful and sensitive demeanor in the classrooms, and we support cooperation between children as they learn from one another.

Our facilities are designed to stimulate a child’s imagination, curiosity and interest. Our curriculum is diverse and extensive to accommodate all styles of learning, while also being continuously evaluated to ensure that it is effective and adaptive in our changing world. Our highly specialized individual assessment program allows us to track each child’s personal progress, directly measure academic advancement and supplement our program for each child’s particular needs.

No infant, preschool or grade school program is more committed to the academic and personal success of its students. Our students love school, embrace challenges, and succeed in life.


Children are our national treasures, our collective future, and our individual legacies. They must be cherished and guided, and the education of our children should be considered an arena of the utmost importance.


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